Virgil Quantitative Research

Hong Kong

Digital Asset Quantitative Investment Support

VQRHK provides is a unique Infrastructure Platform which offers liquidity and trading in an easy one-stop-shop, using an easy to navigate User Interface for trading in the digital currency world.

A professional proprietary electronic digital asset trading system with key features such as smart order management, risk management, data aggregation and analytics, and market simulation, integrated with a Portfolio Performance Management System (PPMS).

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Access Liquid Virtual Asset Trading Venues

Multiple established liquid trading venues through our global network developed through highly secure connections to virtual asset exchanges worldwide.


Robust Order Management System 

Institutional Order Management System that allows you to queue up your orders and manage your operational trading risk as you seek to deploy your best virtual asset trade ideas.


Reconciliation and Trade Compliance

Stay on top of high-frequency transactions. We can help with deep automated reconciliation of trading history, performance measurement and programmed investment compliance.

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